Turn the Page Feat. Sydtherockerkid

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While my disputed copyright claim is under review at SoundCloud, I release my song “Turn the Page” here–along with details about the legal stuff. [Edited Jun 29, 2021]

© Copyright 2021 Michael Schmidle · All Rights Reserved

Update Jun 29, 2021 

The copyright claim dispute has been resolved and the song is now available on SoundCloud. I’m impressed by the speed at which SoundCloud processed the dispute. Thanks!


This song includes the lovely vocals from Sydney Taylor aka Sydtherockerkid as licensed via voclio.com. Any other part of the song has been produced by me (piano, guitar, drums, bass, percussion, strings, and riser in addition to arranging, mixing, and mastering).

The following is a short extract from the license agreement. You can find the full contract below.

This Agreement (the "Agreement"), is made effective as of June 12, 2021 by and between Sydney Taylor ("The Vocalist" / "Licensor") and Michael Schmidle ("you" / the "Licensee"). The agreement grants you Non-Exclusive rights to the vocal track entitled Turn The Page (the "vocal track") and defines the terms and conditions of the Licensees use, and rights granted. The terms and conditions defined are in consideration for the Licensees payment of 50.00 (the "License Fee").


C. Term Length

1. The Term of this Agreement shall be fifteen (15) years and this license shall expire on the fifteenth (15) year anniversary of the Effective Date.


D. Use of the vocal track

1. The vocalist grants the Licensee the right to use the Vocal Track in the preparation of one (1) new song. Licensee may create the new song by recording/producing his/her written instrumental music under the Vocal Track and/or by incorporating portions/samples of the Vocal Track into pre-existing instrumental music written, produced and/or owned by Licensee. The new song or piece of instrumental music created by the Licensee which incorporates some or all of the Vocal Track shall be referred to as the 'new song'.


F. Usage Limits

1. The Licensee may offer the new song as a free download up to Unlimited times


The full license agreement is available as PDF.

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